professional organizer in philadelphia area

Do you or someone you know  struggle with chronic disorganization, compulsive collecting, difficulty making decisions to discard old or unused items or are no longer able to use a room for its intended purpose due to clutter? If so, you are the perfect candidate for organizing services. Clutter and chaos no longer need to overwhelm and rule your life. we can help restore your home to a peaceful and welcoming environment.

Residential Organization involves any area of the home. Kirsten assists the client in determining why there is disorganization in the space, devising a strategy to eliminate the chaos and create an organized, functional space that works well for the individual or family. Whether you want your space to be functional or enjoyed for entertainment, there is a plan we can implement to meet your desire and create a beautiful, comfortable space.

Maybe one of the reasons you or your child struggle with organization is because of attention deficit disorder. You may have tried using day planners, electronic devices or even post it notes to keep yourself or your loved one organized. Has any of it worked? Effective planning and organizational skills  for people diagnosed with ADD remain the biggest challenge for those who battle it.  Kirsten can help create and implement functional and practical systems for those who struggle with Attention Deficit Disorder.


moving and relocation


Are you downsizing to a smaller home or retirement community and not able to take all of your things with you? Why not hire an organizer to take care of the moving process for you. Kirsten's services include helping the client downsize their home, pack the home and unpack items in the new space.

Unpacking and organizing. It’s overwhelming and exhausting to make decisions about where to put your all of your items after move in day.  

Kirsten will take care of the unpacking and organizing for you. Services also include removal of items you don't want and delivery of  those items to donation shops and consignment venues.  



professional organizer in philadelphia area
Kirsten’s passion for organization is grounded in a desire to help people create the most optimal, functional organization system within their living space.  This desire is rooted in a belief that anyone is capable of managing the disorganization in their lives when given the support needed to do so. Kirsten not only provides that support but also teaches the skills and techniques needed to maintain the reorganized space.